Moorish Smoked Humous – the story of our growing business 2017-06-08T15:09:02+00:00

Hi, I’m Julie Waddell. I’m a mum of two young children, passionate cook, BBC journalist and recent founder of my own business, Moorish Smoked Humous.

So far it’s been a quite a journey; with ups and downs, hard work, late nights and help from lovely family, friends and valued mentors. But now we’re finally getting there.

Friends have been inspired by my story so far and suggested I blog about it. I’ve always dreamed of launching my own business; but there’s always been an excuse to hold me back – not quite the right time, not quite the right idea – but I’m fantastically glad I went for it.

If I can give someone else, especially another mum, the little spark of motivation they need, this blog will be absolutely worthwhile.