Bonfire Night Mulled Apple Juice or Cider

In my life anyway, bonfire night is all about the kids; so when we have people over, it’s great to find recipes we can all enjoy. And what better way to warm up chilly hands and tummies than with some delicious mulled apple juice… or cider for the grown ups. Now that we live in Devon, we’ve even got an apple tree in our garden and a Cider Press down the road, how lucky!
Mulled cider (or apple juice)
2l traditional cider or good quality apple juice
juice and grated rind of 1 orange
2 clementines, segmented
3 cinnamon sticks
a few star anise or allspice berries
2 apples stuffed with cloves
3-4 tbs honey
add a little dark rum for the grown ups, if the night is looking cold

Instructions couldn’t be easier: simple place everything except honey in a pan, simmer (don’t boil) for 30 mins; check taste and add as much honey as you need.

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