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Introducing NEW ‘Moorish Dipity’ vegetable-based dips for kids

We’d all like our kids to eat more vegetables, right?

As Mums we totally understand that often time is tight, and much as we want our kids to eat great food all the time, creating healthy home-made snacks from scratch is not always possible. Plus kids won’t always eat the good stuff …even if we spend ages making it!

But what we do know is that kids LOVE dips.


In fact a recent study showed that children consume three times more veg, including ones they don’t like, when dipping into a savoury dip (even fussy eaters)!

So… fed up of not being able to find a healthy kids’ snack on the shelves for our own kids, team Moorish decided to come up with something that fills hungry tummies, is made with vegetables so counts towards their 5 a day and that kids actually like and enjoy eating.

Dipity has been created by mums and our paediatric nutritionist deliver that elusive snack-hack…veg without the battles!

Tried and tested on hundreds of tricky tasters from tots to teens, Dipity gets the thumbs up from kids and parents alike.

Dipity comes in mini pots, perfect for popping in a lunch box or snacking after school (can stay out of the fridge all day). Dipity comes in 3 delicious flavours; Cucumber Dip, Sweetcorn Dip or Red Pepper Dip.

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Conclusive proof!

Did you know?

19.1% of children in Year 6 (aged 10-11) were obese and a further 14.2% were overweight.

A third of 10-11 year olds and over a fifth of 4-5 year olds were overweight or obese.
Source: Public Health England

84% of children snack every day

Only 1.6% of children receive a packed lunch that meets nutritional standards