Moorish party nibbles

Moorish party nibbles

When entertaining friends, whatever the occasion; a book club, dinner party or celebration; you don’t want to miss the party because you’re stuck in the kitchen. Here’s some ideas for a simple ‘spread’ using our Moorish party nibbles.

Suggestions for a great spread of dips

  • The best party spreads include a range of dippers and dips; to suit everyone’s tastes. Try serving with our flatbreads for something different. Perhaps include:
  • Something a little crispy: big crisps, tortillas, toasted pitta, ciabatta or if you have time, try these delicious breadsticks.
  • Crudites, the more varied and colourful the better. Sticks of young carrot, deliciously sweet romano Peppers, celery, cucumber. Try just steamed, young asparagus or even raw broccoli
  • Olives and other preserved antipasti, such as artichoke
  • A range of dips with different flavours and textures
  • All flavours of Moorish are perfect for dipping.

Moorish party nibbles

Smokeyish (original smoked humous)

Zingyish (smoked humous with lemon & dill)

Devilish (smoked humous with chilli harissa)

Smoothish (babaganoush or aubergine smoked dip)

Garlicish (garlic and Sicilian lemon aioli)

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