Moorish pinwheel sandwiches

Moorish pinwheel sandwiches

These are much more fun than normal sandwiches and you can fill them with whatever your kids like best. Keep it colourful and crunchy!


Tortillas; homemade or shop-bought

Smokeyish or Zingyish Moorish Smoked Humous

Colourful salad vegetables, such as bright red tomatoes, cucumber and baby spinach


  1. Warm tortilla either in warm oven or on griddle or non-stick frying pan
  2. Spread humous over tortilla, leaving a 2-3 cm strip clear, for rolling up
  3. Generously top with salad – you can fit in more than you think and it will look better, be healthier and taste lovely and crunchy
  4. Carefully roll up
  5. Neatly slice with sharp knife, into 4cm sections. Stand on end to reveal “pinwheel” effect

Smokeyish Moorish is a great way to add a unique smoked twist to your everyday cooking.

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