With the unique smoked taste of Moorish, it’s easy to make ordinary dishes, extraordinary.

As well as being a busy mum and entrepreneur, Julie’s passionate about home cooking. She believes it shouldn’t be difficult to make healthy, nutritious food taste amazing.

People often ask, “what can I do with humous, except for dipping?”. Well, Julie’s going to show you some really great, useful ways of using humous in your everyday cooking. Whether jazzing up staple dishes like moussaka, creating simple and delicious starters or persuading kids that exciting party food can also be healthy; Moorish Smoked Humous can be added to all types of dishes, with delicious results.

And all without spending ages peeling and chopping: most of these recipes take only about 10 minutes to prepare.

Our four smoked dips are available from a range of retailers such as Waitrose, Ocado, Wholefoods and Booths.

Humous Recipes

Moroccan Chicken Casserole

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Moroccan Chicken Casserole Perfect winter warming recipe for all the family Serves 4 Ingredients: 8 skinless chicken thighs 1 pot of Moorish Chilli Harissa Humous ¼ tsp ground turmeric ½ tsp ground cinnamon 1 tbsp [...]

Moreish Salty Potatoes with Aioli

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Moreish Salty Potatoes with Aioli These scrummy salty potatoes with Moorish Garlic & Sicilian Lemon Aioli are perfect for sharing at any time and especially on a summer evening. Instructions: Put 500g of washed new [...]

Smokeyish muffin faces

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Smokeyish muffin faces – great for lunchboxes and parties Ingredients: English Muffins, sliced in two along narrow side and lightly toasted Moorish Smoked Humous Colourful vegetables to decorate: e.g. cherry tomatoes, carrots, olives, [...]

Moorish pinwheel sandwiches

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Moorish pinwheel sandwiches These are much more fun than normal sandwiches and you can fill them with whatever your kids like best. Keep it colourful and crunchy! Ingredients: Tortillas; homemade or shop-bought Smokeyish [...]

Smok-ey boat-eys (great for pirates’ parties!)

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If you have a little pirate, sailor or beach lover, or just for a little fun, these little boats are a lot less fiddly than they look. Experiment with different ship-building materials. Ingredients: [...]

Moorish party nibbles

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Moorish party nibbles When entertaining friends, whatever the occasion; a book club, dinner party or celebration; you don’t want to miss the party because you’re stuck in the kitchen. Here’s some ideas for a simple [...]