Roasted butternut squash, pepper and lentil soup with a deliciously Devilish twist

(Serves 2-3 as main course)

Be naughty. Let them BELIEVE you’ve spent ages precisely chopping and grating; when actually this healthy, fresh soup pretty much cooks itself. Just smile and feel inwardly smug.


1 butternut squash halved; 2 peppers, deseeded and roughly chopped; 1 red onion, sliced; 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil; 1 tin tomatoes; 1 tsp bouillon powder; 100g dried red lentils; 300ml cold water; 80g Devilish Moorish


  1. Put the butternut squash, onion and peppers into a baking dish and toss them in the olive oil.
  2. Bake at 180oC degrees for 45 mins, covering with foil half way through cooking, if blackening too quickly.too black around the edges.
  3. Remove the roasted vegetables from the oven, peel off butternut skin (it’s easy but watch your fingers!) and transfer to a large saucepan.
  4. Add tomatoes, lentils, bouillon powder and water.
  5. Bring to the boil, then reduce to a simmer for 30 minutes.
  6. Remove from heat and whizz smooth using a hand-held blender.
  7. Stir through Devilish Moorish Smoked Humous with Chilli Harissa; and serve with crusty bread.

Use Devilish Moorish Smoked Humous to add an aromatic and smokey warm hug to whatever you’re cooking; or serve with anything from jacket potatoes to barbeque.