Smok-ey boat-eys (great for pirates’ parties!)

If you have a little pirate, sailor or beach lover, or just for a little fun, these little boats are a lot less fiddly than they look. Experiment with different ship-building materials.


Crunchy crudite vegetables, ideally in mix colours – such as celery, peppers, tomatoes

The thickest cucumber you can find (for the sails)

Smokeyish Moorish (or any variety your kids enjoy)

Cocktail sticks


  1. Cut boat-like shapes, and trim the bottoms flat
  2. To make the sails, cut a 5-6cm chunk for the cucumber. Stand on white end and slice down centre with sharp knife. Slice again just a mm or two away to create a thin sail.
  3. Place a dollop of humous into each boat
  4. Thread the edge of a sail on to a stick and fold slightly, before piercing at the other side of the sail
  5. Stick in the boat and arrange to make a “floatilla”

Smokeyish Moorish is a great way to add a unique smoked twist to your everyday cooking.

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